Inauguration of the New Rei Pelé Tunnel: Safety and Comfort Guaranteed with FanTR Fans

On June 5, 2023, the city of Taguatinga/DF celebrated the inauguration of the newest road tunnel, the Rei Pelé Tunnel. This important urban mobility work aims to improve the flow of vehicles, connecting Estrada Parque Taguatinga (EPTG) to Elmo Serejo Avenue. With a length of 1,060 meters, the tunnel will provide quick and safe passage for thousands of drivers daily. FanTR, specialized in ventilation systems, was responsible for supplying definitive high-temperature jet fans for the Rei Pelé Tunnel, with the aim of guaranteeing the safety and comfort of users during the tunnel's operation. Permanent jet fans in tunnels play a key role in diluting gases from means of transport, such as cars, trucks, buses and trains, among others. In addition to providing thermal comfort to users, this equipment has a crucial safety aspect. In cases of fire, resulting from possible accidents, the fans guarantee the supply of clean air for the safe evacuation of people, being designed to operate at extreme temperatures of up to 400ºC for 2 hours. In total, 52 jet fans with a diameter of 700mm and a power of 18.5kW were installed, ensuring efficient air circulation throughout the entire tunnel. The equipment underwent rigorous ventilation tests, including fire simulations, to ensure its effectiveness and reliability.

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