The new mountain stretch of Tamoios Highway has been finished and is already operational since the end of last March. It connects the section between the cities of Caraguatatuba and São José dos Campos –in the State of São Paulo (SP) – and is being used as an ascending slope. The stretch is 21.5 km long and counts on 4 tunnels, which total 12.8 km.

The biggest tunnel is considered the longest one in Brazil, with 5.6 km of length, which establishes new safety and ventilation standards.

FanTR has provided 76 pieces of equipment that have been designed by the construction company, in partnership with the Swiss consultancy Amberg Engineering, using the software CFD, aiming to configure the entire ventilation system in a more efficient way. The figures are: fifty-four Ø 1,610 mm, 110 kW jet fans for the main tunnel; six Ø 2,310 mm, 110 kV exhaust fans for massive smoke extraction in case of fire; and sixteen Ø 700 mm, 30 kW jet fans for the service tunnel. Some days before the entry into operation, an official ventilation test has been conducted with the simulation of a fire inside the longest tunnel. The purpose of this test was to train the safety teams and officially validate the efficiency of the ventilation system.

Credits: video section with 15-20 seconds - Concessionária Tamoios (Tamoios Concessionaire)

Imagens taken with the authorization of Queiroz Galvão construction company and Tamoios Concessionaire.

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