02 - Repair procedure for repair of the panel layers

In this video, Lairton Bitencourt, FanTR Industrial Engineer Coordinator, will teach how to repair the panel layers of a composite blade.

List of materials
• Vinyl Ester Resin Pre-accelerated
• Pyrogenic Silica
• Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide 33% Catalyst (MEKP)
• Glass Fabric Biax 500 g/m2 +/-45°
• Glass Fabric Woven Roving 260g/m2 0/90° 
• Peel Ply Fabric Nylon
• Grinder with Abrasive Disc No.24
• Acetone or Cleaning Solution
• Flexible Plastic Spatula
• Paint-brush
• Measuring Tape and Pen
• Graduated glass becker and syringe
• Polypropylene (PP) jars - resistant to MEKP

List of PPEs
• Earplugs
• Safety glasses
• Face mask FFP2 or N95
• Chemical Resistant Gloves
• Mechanical Resistant to Hazards Glove
• Safety shoes 

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