The axial fans used in cooling towers to perform the thermal exchanges on this type of equipment can also be produced using aluminum blades. This is a very
common material used in small equipment.


What are the characteristics of aluminum fans?

Fan blades made from aluminum can be produced by 3 different processes: casting, plate forming or extrusion. At FanTR we use the casting and extrusion process.

For cooling system fans, the extrusion process is exclusively used, because the result is a lighter product when compared to blades produced by casting and
cheaper when compared to blades produced by the plate forming process.

The limitation of the extrusion process lies in the restricted efficiency of the fan, due to its simpler aerodynamic design. Typically, these fans require 20% more power than fans made of composite material.


The casting process is used in the manufacturing of the blades of the definitive
axial fan jets for high temperature, both in aluminum and stainless steel.

Access the link to learn more about this equipment and its construction.


Aluminum Fan Models:

Below you will find the 2 available models of aluminum cooling system fans. They have a maximum diameter of up to 13 feet (4 meters) and are supplied with a central hub for tapered bushing or in a machined version for direct shaft mounting.



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