Cases da FanTR


The Prefeito Marcello Alencar Tunnel, also known as the Via Expressa Tunnel, is an urban underground tunnel passing through the districts of Downtown, Gamboa and Saúde, located in the Central Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Stretching for 3,382 meters, it is the largest underground tunnel in the country, connecting the Rio-Niterói bridge and Avenida Brasil to Aterro do Flamengo.

It has two galleries intended for vehicle circulation, each featuring three lanes. The gallery in the Caju direction, named Mar, is 3,382-meters long. The gallery in the opposite direction, South Side, was named Continente and is slightly shorter, stretching for 3,370 meters. The deepest point of the tunnel is 46-meters deep.

We supplied 44 fans, installed in pairs throughout the entire length of the tunnel. 

The fans can withstand temperatures of up to 400°C for 2 hours and are F400-certified, in accordance with the EN12101-3 Standard.

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