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The Aripuanã Project belongs to Mineração Dardanelos Ltda. It is a joint project between Nexa Brasil, Nexa Peru and Mineração Rio Aripuanã Ltda. Aripuanã is an underground polymetallic project, located in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul, scheduled to start operating in 2020. The estimated aggregated capital expenditure for this project is $ 354.3 million. The expected average annual output is 66,700 tons of zinc, 23,000 tons of lead, and 3,700 tons of copper.

The ventilation system features 6 exhaust fans of 400 hp each and 2,310 mm in diameter, with a total volume capacity of 600 m³/s (200 m³/s in each well), and 23 secondary fans with 150 hp and 1,400 mm in diameters, and a capacity of 37 m³/s each. Our team designed the entire system along with Nexa’s engineering staff.

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