The global expansion of FanTR

The global expansion of FanTR

FanTR has been standing out in several markets around the world. With pieces of equipment present in all continents, over 70% of its products are exported.

In the segment of Fans and Cooling Systems, such as cooling towers, air coolers and air-cooled condensers, FanTR is working on the sales expansion to the Unites States.

Since the beginning of 2024, FanTR LLC (Limited Liability Company), started its operations in the United States, providing our fans with no complex international logistics or import documentation. In fact, some models are available for prompt delivery for the Colling Tower sector. The warehouse of the American FanTR is strategically located in the State of Texas, region where there is already a strong presence of our solutions.

Another important aspect for the world expansion of this segment was the new partnership established in 2024 with Star Tower. Located in Dubai, the representation will act in places like: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt and Jordan.

In addition to these new partnerships, FanTR maintains those in the segment of fans for colling systems in South Korea, through the company Mission Critical Engineering (MCE), and in Mexico, with the company Mr. Good Tower.


In Latin America, FanTR is focused on the Underground Ventilation expansion, especially in the mining and tunnel sectors, by means of strategic partners established in Colombia, Peru, Chile and Mexico.

Therefore, FanTR ensures a close and personalized excellent service to the Latin American clients. In each country, the partnering companies undergo training sessions to ensure that the service is provided in line with the quality standards of FanTR.

In Peru, the partnership with Grupo Prosumisac started in 2021. The company not only represents FanTR, but also houses FanTR Workshop, which started its operations in late 2023. Its team received specialized training, becoming apt to provide predictive maintenance and technical assistance. Soon, Grupo Prosumisac will become an assembly center.

In 2022,  JG Representaciones stands out as a partner in Colombia. In Mexico, VH SUPPLY is the official representative since 2023.

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