Preventive actions for COVID-19

Preventive actions for COVID-19

With full attention to the progress of the COVID-19 situation, FanTR has adapted to follow all recommendations from health authorities. We continue to move forward with full attention to the health and safety requirements of our people, customers, and partners in order to maintain the production of our products for essential areas in cooling and ventilation, such as the food industry, hospitals, power generation, and underground operations, among others.

Some of our actions:

  • Hand sanitizer for hand cleaning;
  • Body temperature measurement;
  • Continuation of the supply of masks already used as personal protective equipment (PPE) in our production and extension for use in collective transportation;
  • Safe distance between employees in the cafeteria;
  • Constant cleaning of handles and handrails;
  • Foot cleaning with sodium hypochlorite at entrances and doors;
  • Work from home for office personnel;
  • Distribution of fabric face masks for employees and dependents.

Containment actions when any employee presents known COVID symptoms:

  • Removal of the employee from work activities for 15 days;
  • Conducting clinical examinations (in accordance with WHO recommendations);
  • The employee will only return to activities after receiving a negative result for COVID-19.
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