The ACC - Air Cooled Condenser, also known as "Air-cooled Condenser", is a direct dry cooling system where steam is condensed inside tubes that are cooled employing air. They are commonly used in power plants such as biomass plants, gas-powered plants, waste incineration plants, and oil-powered plants.

In a very simplified way, an ACC works in a closed circuit, so that fins tubes pass under the airflow of the fans, which are responsible for keeping the environment cool. The steam condenses inside the tubes, and then what has condensed returns to the boiler. These types of air-cooled heat exchangers work well for power plants in water-scarce areas.  

In this cooling system, having an efficient fan designed for lateral wind loads, typical of this application, is essential for good plant performance and productivity. We have a specific design within our line of fans for ACCs, which not only guarantees high efficiency for the heat exchange of the system but also has greater durability and operates with the minimum maintenance required. 

The most common FanTR models used in this application are: NCR, TEP, and STEP and are manufactured in the configuration of an extra line of blades and double disc assembly with reinforcement ring. 

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