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The FanTR performs the 1st Workshop FanTR Underground Ventilation


Between 23 and 25/10 to FanTR held the 1st Workshop FanTR Ventilation Underground, which was attended by over 40 participants, including customers, partners, representatives and business professionals, with the aim of discussing the main issues related the universe of Ventilation for Underground.

Welcome to enrollees was conducted by FanTR CEO, Mr. Carlos Celmin, who spoke about the challenges of this market, as well as efforts by the company structure to provide increasingly efficient and competitive solutions to a market that has evolving on technical issues and increasing your level of requirement.

The opening of the lecture series was on account of Mr. Enzo Kodama, Business Director of the company and presented an overview of FanTR with their main areas of expertise, product portfolio and competitive advantages.

Neif Alem, division manager and Tunnels Mining, spoke about the importance of the event for the improvement of knowledge and exchange of experiences among participants. “Event participants had extensive experience with mining and tunneling, and each had great contribution with his technical background to the success of the event, which made this encounter even richer in content,” said Neif.

The regional representative FanTR in the Northeast, Mr. Emerson Sanches also stressed on the importance of this event for recycling professionals in this market and also on their willingness to make it periodic, which is already in the plans of FanTR.

The team FanTR thanks all who were able to attend and participate in the event and made it possible to do it!